Sunday, 3 February 2019

Top 5 Best Android Apps - February 2019

1. RedPapers : 


 This application allows you to set a wallpaper to the newest picture post on the selected reddit you can address the change frequency the newest wallpaper from the different categories like Earth ,Sky ,Space ,Art etc. This application provide the best quality wallpapers that you might like i liked the because it provide you the the latest from the Reddit itself.

2. Skip Ads :


This app is very usefull it will skip YouTube ads for you generally while watching videos on YouTube you have to watch ads but you can skip the ads for skiping the ad this app will be vry usefull this app will skip the YouTube ads for you so with the help of this app you don't have wait for the skip button to come this app will automatically will do that for you i find this app very usefull and for those who watches YouTube videos for hours and hours this will be a handy application.

3. Bottom Quick Setting :

This app will make your quick setting panel more quicker this app provides you the Bottom quick setting panel whre you can add 40+ apps and shortcuts here not only you can add your favorite app but also your frequently used links and web pages which make your work more fast with just one swipe you can access your most used apps and links and you can customize  the theme and you can add any picture according to your choice which gives it more classic look.

4. Just A Line : 

Just a line is an AR Experiment that lets you draw simple drawings in AR and you can share your creation with the short video .You can draw on your own or your friend will make video for you and you can share on socialmedia . This application works on any AR compatible device .

5. Empty Folder Cleaner : 

Empty folder cleaner deletes all the empty or subfolders of you phone storage which occupies the space in your memory this is the major issue with the smartphones because these empty or sub folders takes memory on your phone and due to this some lag or hang we get to see in our smartphones this application deletes the empty folders which clears the memory by that you will get some more extra space on your main memory.

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